Update: May the 4th, 2019

This month I updated the bibliography:

You can download complete reproductions of articles on or from Bertha Lum. They are available for download in.pdf format

The first document put online is a small booklet by Anne Heard Dyer dating from 1916: Eastward moves the art of Old Japan. Anne Dyer is famous for translating in English the History of Japanese Colour-Prints by W. Von Seidlitz. She also wrote several articles in The International Studio, Craftsman, American Art News.

Of course, I don’t forget the prints either.

Thumbnails of the latest works put online:

Theatre Street, 1910, catalogue n° 10. A very nice version with the addition of a lantern compared to the other known versions.

Peking Dust in raised lines 1924, catalogue n° 91. A better image that replaces the previous online version.

Ming Huang and Yang Kuei Fei in raised lines, 1924, catalogue n° 98. Here again a new picture, this time taken from the front which is replacing the picture previously online.

The last work put online this month is a painting and not a print.
God of Fire, 1929, catalogue n° 137 on sale at the moment at The Art of Japan.
The work is therefore not in the gallery of prints but in the gallery of paintings and drawings.