1) The following are some of the sites that display works by Bertha.

Museum of Fine Art of San Francisco A remarkable site on which you can see the largest collection of prints by Bertha Lum. You can even zoom in on the pictures with a simple click on the image.

Library of Congress, Washington D.C

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Brooklyn Museum

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon

The Smithsonian museum : Only three prints, but a beautiful blue fairy.

2) Sites explaining how to make wood block prints.

Druckstelle They even propose workshops on how to make your own woodblock print. (They speak perfectly English, as well as German.) An excellent site.

Technique of the Color Wood-cut pages that also explain very clearly how these beautiful prints are made.

Barenforum takes its name from the utensil used to press the paper to be printed onto the block. It is a forum (in English) dedicated entirely to woodblock prints.

3) Various sites on artists that I love.

Paul Binnie a contemporary artist (in his forties) who lives in Wimbledon. His works are absolutely beautiful: a visit is definitely worthwhile.

Sarah Brayer an american artist who lives in Japan, former student of the master Toshi Yoshida. Her work is astonishing ! The most beautiful of her prints ? Peak in 2000. (or maybe Winter monks) Admittedly a retailer, but they propose a very large number of reproductions of various artists.

Eva Pietzcker taught me how to carve wood and to print the japanese way. I love her Mount Fuji (printed in 2012)

Hiroaki-Shotei A site that is attempting to make the “catalogue raisonné” of his works. A very interesting site, it also proposes articles on the world of woodblock prints.

Tsuchiya Koitsu Woodblock Print Collection A site made by an enthusiast who is also trying to make a “catalogue raisonné” of a Japanese artist.

Henri Rivière This page is dedicated to the Parisian representations of the watercolorist and engraver Henri Rivière.

Ukiyoe gallery You can find many works by a variety of artists, from the end of the 18 th Century to our times. The works proposed are on sale.

Eastern Impressions : Western Printmakers and the Orient A collection of articles about printmakers. Fascinating… I discovered “new” artists thanks to Darrel’s marvelous website !

4) Various Sites.

Collection Morrison A collection of the photos by Hartung, photographer in Beijing in the 1920-1940’s.

Princess Der Ling biography and if you want to read the complet story… Just go there !