Update: June the 9th, 2019

This month a “new” print: Confucius Temple, catalogue No. 111 dated 1924. This is actually the “flat” version of Confucius Temple, Chufu, a 1934 raised lines print catalogued as No. 167. Two copies are now online.

A new copy of Dance to Ganesha, this one from the Blue Heron Gallery.
I also put the photo of the article that gives its exact title in the “articles and photos” section.

Two works for the original works section:
The oil painting of Ming Huang and Yang Kuei Fei. Currently on sale at Conrad R Graeber.
An original pencil drawing and coloured with watercolor: Princess Sandalwood.

In the article section, you can now access the article on Bertha Lum in pdf format from the International Studio of February 1908

Thumbnails of the latest works put online:

Confucius Temple, 1924, catalogue No. 111.

Dance to Ganesha, 1929, catalogue No. 140, For sale now at Blue Heron Gallery. Blue Heron also sales Kites.

Ming Huang and Yang Kuei Fei, 1924, Oil painting. For sale now at Conrad R Graeber.

Princess Sandalwood, ?, graphite and watercolor.

Enjoy your visite,