Update: July the 9th, 2019

Hello everyone, this month I found two Garden Doors, one flat and the other in raised lines. Here are 2 photos of much better quality to replace the versions already online.

A grey version of the Celestial Attendants of 1931 is also now online.

A 1933 Chinese Actor was sold by Hansons Auctioneers and valuers: they made a much better picture than the version so far online….

The Dancer Ngangcap of 1933 now has a sister of another color…. You can buy it at James Main Fine Arts

In another folder I also put online a print by Peter and the original watercolour painting of the Fox Women. Thank you Darrel!

Through my research I managed (almost by chance) to find the original title of the [warrior] in the “original works” section: it is Chung Kuei, the demon hunter.

I also continue to put online documents in pdf format that you can download in the bibliography section.

The catalogue of the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts exhibition in November 1912.

The catalogue of the print exhibition at the Albert Roullier Art Gallery, Chicago in 1913.

About Road to the Forest (cat 57, 1913). The Annex Galleries sells a copy of the print dated 1905. Bertha lied about her age…. I suspect she did the same with some prints! In the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts exhibition catalogue dated November 1912, it is stated that Bertha exhibits the original painting that served as a model for her print: there is no reference to a print. In January 1913 during the print exhibition at the Albert Roullier Gallery in Chicago, a Road to the Forest print did not appear again. During all these years I did not find older than 1913, so the year after the exhibition of the original painting. I will then keep the year 1913 as a reference date for this print.

Have a good visit and good holidays for those who have them.