Update: 2nd of August, 2019

6th update since the rebirth of the site.

This month 2 prints, a painting and a magazine cover.

Branch of Orange, 1925, catalogue no. 123 is a print that is at the San Francisco Fine Art Museum. It was not online years ago when I created the site. I only had a picture from a book. So here is a picture taken from the front and without distortion.

Boat Festival, 1926, catalogue n°127 is a print that was on sale at Castle Fine Arts. A rather rare relief print: it had not been catalogued until now!

The painting depicts marionettes crossing a moon bridge.

It was probably painted between 1927 and 1929, like the others works on the same subject.
This painting is usually hung in the Arts & Crafts bungalow of Chuck Mauch in Pasadena.
An article from Arts & Crafts Homes from 2014 clearly showed this
painting but the quality was not sufficient to put the picture online on this site.

Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival ~ Chuck Mauch’s Bungalow

This painting was then exhibited at the Pasadena Museum of History during an exhibition entitled Something Revealed: California Women Artists 1860-1960. This exhibition allowed me to retrieve a much better image that is now online on this site in the Paintings and Drawings section.

The last image posted online this month is the cover of the Japan Overseas Travel Magazine from March 1930. Not of good quality though, I only have an ebay image…

As in previous months, I also put online PDF files that can be downloaded in the bibliography section.

An article by Helen Wright on Bertha Lum published in August 1917 in the American Magazine of Arts.

The list of prints sold by the Walpole Galleries (NY) in May 1919.