Update: 1st of November, 2019

After two months without an update (I am a primary school teacher and the begening of the school year is busy…) here is the November update.

To download in the bibliography section:

A 1923 Far Eastern Times newspaper article,
an article in The Studio International magazine dated 1912
and especially, the story Dragon’s Claw written by Catherine and illustrated by her mother Bertha for World Traveler magazine in August 1927.

I am also very happy to propose the exhibition catalogue Floating World / The Influence of Japanese Printmaking (2013) in which we find a work by my engraving teacher Eva Pietzcker with one by Bertha Lum !

This month I also put two paintings by Bertha, online:

The first was painted in 1931 and has been reproduced in the New York Herald Tribune on September 6, 1931 to illustrate an article by Dorothy Graham: Orchid Women of China. It is currently on sale on ebay. Go for it! Go for it!

The second is a four-handed painting: Bertha having made the drawing, it was then put into colour by her younger daughter Peter. A collaboration that is not so rare since Peter has put many of her paintings in colour. This painting, sold by John Moran in 2013, is now in the possession of the Museum Pasifika in Bali.

And finally a print that was not yet represented in the catalogue: Funeral Procession of 1933, catalogue No 162. Two versions are available online because it is a relief print, so with very different colours.

Orchid Women of China, 1931. Now for sale on ebay.

Balinese Dancer – Bedaya Manah is the name of this position. 1935.

Funeral Procession, 1933, cat No162.