update : 6th March, 2019

After completely restructuring the website, different works have been added. You can go see them in the gallery.

Thumbnails of the latest works uploaded:

20 new prints !

Flower girls, 1904, catalogue n° 5 For sale now at Shogun Gallery
Chinese mother, 1905, cat n° 6
Japanese Mother and Child, 1905, cat n° 7 For sale now at Shogun Gallery
Lung Fu Sou, Chinese Curio Market, 1923, cat n° 84
Birds (raised lines), 1924, cat n° 118 (x2) For sale now at James Main Fine Arts
Dancers (raised lines), 1924, cat n° 120
Pomegranate (raised lines), 1924, cat n° 121
Parot (raised lines), 1924, cat n° 122 (x2)
Spirit Volcano (raised lines), 1933, cat n° 156
Head of Serimpi Dancer (raised lines), 1935, cat n° 170 (x2)
Ranee / Serimpi Duduk jengkeng (raised lines), 1935, cat n° 171
Court Dancer, Java (raised lines), 1935, cat n° 173
Court Dancer 2, Java (raised lines) – The King’s Favorite, Cambodia, 1935, cat n° 173 (x3)
Bedaya Ketawang Dancers at the Court of Surakarta (raised lines) / Nyembah, Guilty suwun and Ukel, 1935, cat n° 175
Serimpi Dancing, Java / Tawing ngenceng sampur (raised lines), 1935, cat n° 176