Bertha Lum 1929

This website is dedicated to Bertha Boynton Lum.

You will find a short biography of the artist, but the subject of this site is not so much telling her life than showing her works. I will nevertheless add little by little new informations on her life in the next updates.

This site is the only one to attempt a "catalogue raisonné" of all her works and I hope you will enjoy it.

The site will evolve in function of my acquisitions, my discoveries, but also your contributions to enrich my gallery; it is thus designed to be constantly "under construction", so do not hesitate to come back regularly.

I take the opportunity to ask some HELP : if you have pictures of Bertha's work, even if it is a print I also have online, please send them to me !

My final goal is to make (in five ? ten years ?) a book.

Why Bertha Lum ?

She is not the most famous turn-of-the-century artist; I might even say that -outside a certain circle (Californian collectioneurs)- her works no longer have the appreciation and notoriety they used to, although they are of a rare subtlety and elegance.

Bertha Lum was one of the Japanizing artists who helped making the art of (Japanese and Chinese) wood block printing known outside Asia, mixing it with the elegant Art Nouveau. Her prints are inspired by old legends and the street life of Beijing.

She was a contemporary of Katharine Jowett, Helen Hyde, Elizabeth Keith and Paul Jacoulet amongst the Western Artists and Kawase Hasui and Hiroshi Yoshida.

Red haired, with green eyes and a strong personality, she managed to impose her works in Asia as well as America. Her very personal style managed to please the two cultures at the beginning of the last century and it still strikes a cord today (just look how difficult it is to find any of her works on sale and how high the asking prize is).

I now leave you to wander through her site.

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