Update March 2011


Lots of prints this months: there were quite a few auctions during the past month..
First there is the extraordinary print I had advertised to you:
1925 Butterflies. Unfortunately, the print did not find a buyer. I publish the images with the permission of the owner, hence the "Private Collection" and not "E-bay" as source.
1931 A woman in front of a window. I now have a better quality photo of this charming little raised line print.
1933 Chinese Actor: a third raised line print with really rather different colours.
1933 Funeral Procession. Until now I only knew a small photograph of this print (sold by Rago Arts in January 2004) and I would like to thank Stefano for sending me this new photo.
1936 Moon Gate. This print has also been executed in a small format and is the 160th print put online on this website.


After last month's dancers, the sequel of the diptych (same style and same measurements exactly. Dancers with swords.
A portrait of the Empress and of Princess Der Ling. This painting is a "copy" of a photograph. You can have more information on Princess Der Ling by buying the book. The painting shown here was used for the dust jacket of the book.


Naturally I have placed the three prints of the Chinese actor on a single page.
1930 Elephant Procession. The former owner had contacted me and I had written to quite a few of you to inform you that this magnificent print was on sale. Hence I publish the photos with "Private Collection VA" as source.
1936 Moon Gate in the small and large version.


It has taken me a month and a half worth of work, but I have completely redone the technique page. With mor pictures and information on Bertha Lum: how did she proceed? I also talk about the raised line technique and the photorealism.


After a long search I have finally found the owner of the Sisters keyblock: the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


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