Where to buy her prints?


1) There are numerous galleries which are selling Bertha Lum's prints.

I have NO commercial interest. Those links are here to help you to find the few prints wich are on the art market.

The list below is not exhaustive, but should nonetheless be quite complete. If you've got other adresses, I would be delighted to add them (but only if there are Bertha Lum's prints)

The adresses with a "!!!" are currently selling prints.

Allison Gallery !!! 

Annex Galleries !!! 

Castle Fine Arts !!! 

Catherine E.Burns  

Childs Gallery !!! 

Douglas Frazer !!! 

Eastwood Gallery  

Edan Milton Hughes !!! 

Ernest S. Kramer Fine Art !!! 


Paramour Fine Arts !!! 

Robyn Buntin of Honolulu  


RichardFrey !!! 


2) Then come the auction houses which sell more or less regularly prints, books or paints by Bertha.

Ebay   of course, but not only...

John Moran  





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