The most important book is Bertha Lum, by Gravelos & Pulin, 1991, Smithsonian Institution Press. It's a serie on American Printmakers.

I used their bibliography to search for my sources.

Books and articles are:

Text and illustrations by Bertha Lum, or Berll Lum (for Japan)

Little Pieces of Japan. Vogue, April 15, 1914.

Gods, Goblins and Ghosts: The Weird Legend of the Far East, J B Lippincott Company, 1922.

A Peinping Sojourn. Montreal, The Canadian-Pacific Railway, 1931.

Ten Days in Japan. Montreal, The Canadian-Pacific Railway, c.1931.

Gangplanks to the East. New York : The Henkle-Yewdale House, Inc., 1936.

Illustrations by Bertha Lum

Articles on Bertha Lum or her daughters


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